Pink Planter Revamp

Planter in progress

Finished planter

Close up of planter

Hi folks,

I’m in love with fluoro pink at the moment. I’ve had this project in the pipeline for a while and finally got it done yesterday. Of course I was so excited to get it started I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo. I got this planter from hard rubbish from my neighbour. It was rusty and broken but I love these 1950’s style planters and thought I could revamp it. I’ve done a couple of others previously and painted them either white or black but went for the full colour version this time.

How to revamp a planter:

1. First you need to remove as much of the rust or old paint as possible. I did this using a wire brush you can get from the hardware shop. You can also use a dremmel tool if you have one, with a sanding attachment. I reckon this is the best way actually.
2. Once you have removed all the flaky old paint and rust the best idea is to coat it with a rust inhibiter. This will stop the piece from further rust. You can buy liquid ones you paint on, but for this piece I used a white spray undercoat with rust inhibiter in it. It’s easier. When using spray paint wear a mask so you don’t inhale the fumes. You also need to set up something to stop the over spray from covering everything in the vicinity. I used an old large cardboard box we had a fridge delivered in. See the first photo above.
3. Once you’ve done the undercoat start with you selected colour. It’s better to do a number of light or thin coats than one thick/heavy coat. Too much paint at once and your piece will start to drip. Make sure you do both sides and all angles waiting in between coats. I turned this piece upside down too, to make sure I covered all the bits.
4. Once you’ve covered all angles and left it to dry, set it up in your favourite spot in the garden for all to admire and cover it plants.


Love and Art