Quilt blocks

Quilt blocks cut out and ready to sew

Quilt blocks

Pink Overload

Quilt block

Raw edges are it!


Finished raw edged quilt number one


It’s winter here…well not officially but it feels like it. I’ve been quilting up a storm. I’ve decided my fabric hoard needs reducing or I’m going to suffocate in fabric one day. I’ve been making quilts. As my partner says “How many quilts do we need?” yes, well, they’re not all for us. I’m making them for friends and family. I’m not the kind of person that makes fiddly, particular and perfect quilts so I’ve been making raw edged quilts at the moment. The last two images above are of a square block quilt I’ve just finished for my cousin’s son Jasper. If you want the details on how to make it check out this bloglink www.goodhomesdesign.com

The first two images are for Jasper’s two sisters Scarlett and Elodie. What is it with girls and pink???? O.M.G!! It’s so full on I can hardly stand it. Every little girl is obsessed with it. I wonder if it’s just marketing or if it’s something else. If you go to any toy shop and look for the girls aisle you can see it glowing neon pink from afar. I’m not overly happy with this conditioning for girls and as an adult I had a real abhorrence for pink. I think because I was scarred from all the pink stuff from my childhood. My parents even went out of their way to not condition us based on gender and I still somehow picked up that pink ‘was a girls colour’ and blue was for boys. Actually, my favourite¬† colour has been blue for a long time. Anyway, regardless of the reason the girls favourite colour is pink so I’ve gone with total pink on pink for Scarlett and blue on pink for Elodie. I’m just finished the cutting out stage of these two quilts which I am going to make smaller than Jasper’s. For all the information on how to make these raw edged circle quilts check out this link to Bijoulovelydesigns.com where she explains how to do it better than I ever could.

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