Firing on all fronts

wpid-img_20140829_150606.jpgwpid-img_20140903_083132.jpg wpid-img_20140903_083038.jpg plate with green crochet

Green oval tray with pinkround blue with blue

Koala planters

Swallow platesWord planters

Well, its been a massive few months and I’ve been firing on all fronts, literally and creatively speaking that is. I’ve been concentrating for the last 10 months…that’s all of this year!!! on developing a couple of ranges of ceramic wares.

I’ve posted about the process before, but now I’m reaching the end of the development stage. I’ve had a little pop-up shop for one day and it went really well, Now I”m working on doing more selling and more making.

Above are my “Maureen Margaret Alice” range of wares inspired by my Nanna and named after her. These use doilies, ceramics and crochet in combination to create¬† practical, decorative and nostalgic items. Other stuff I have been working on are my “Sleepy Koala” pots, my “Murmuration” series inspired by Greece featuring the swallow design and just for a bit of fun, some wheel thrown ceramic planters with text. I hope to have them all in shops locally and online on my etsy shop.

Love and Art