Kiln Killin Time

Ceramic Vases

Vases in Fairy Floss, Baby Blue and Mint.

cermaic vase

Small vase

Ceramic Platter

Detail of a large textured platter in Fairy Floss Pink

Ceramic Vases

Two sizes of vases in Baby Blue


Howdy folks,

Yesterday I had a busy and creative day teaching in the morning and then doing my own ceramic work in the afternoon. I’m still on my learner’s permit with firing the kiln,so I loaded it last week and got one of the more experienced ceramicists to start off the firing for me while I was teaching. I went to the studio and kept an eye on the kiln til it finished. While I was waiting for the firing to finish I underglazed the works above.

These are from my still developing range I’ve named Maureen Margaret Alice after my Nanna. They have a vintage aesthetic and I’m going to add a secret addition to them all after firing which will bring together lots of different aspects of my creative practice. I’ve stuck to three different colours under the ‘less is more’ philosophy, which was a bit of a struggle, as I’m a bit of a ‘more is more’ kind of girl. I’m happy with these so far and hope they turn out amazingly when fired. I’m off to open the kiln now from yesterday’s firing. Fingers’ crossed it all fired successfully.

Love and Art



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