Printing The Day Away

Printmaking Butterflies

Printmaking on Fabric using two different stamps

Printmaking Heart

Printmaking Heart Design by Geeta

Indian Printmaking Design

Printmaking design by Vaishali



Random pattern placement using cloud design

Printmaking on Fabric

Random overlapping print placement using this design


Hi folks,

How’s your artlife going?? We’ve just heard about the new budget here in Australia and everything is being slashed including the Arts. It’s not a surprise but it does make you wonder what is going to happen to this country and all the ordinary people in it.

Following on from my last post where I was working with children at The Ridley Grove Community Centre on a School Holiday Program, I am now working with women at the same centre doing a three week art program. Many of the women at the centre are new immigrants to Australia and there is a large Indian and African community. I love how this can influence the designs they come up with. Pictured above is a design by Vaishali who has only been in Australia for about one month. I love her design. It’s also amazing how quickly people take on new culture as one of the other Indian women carved a “Peppa Pig” design for her son based on a cartoon here on kids t.v.

We started off doing some design and are now in the process of using our designs to create stamps to print on to fabric with.

We have been using something called Ezy-Carve Rubber instead of lino to do the printing. It’s kind of the thickness and texture of an eraser but you can buy it in much larger pieces.  I’ve used this before and it works well with kids as young as about eight years old as it’s a lot easier to carve than lino. It’s much softer and kind of has the consistency of butter as you carve it using traditional lino carving tools. I haven’t been able to find out much more about this product as there aren’t many details on the packet but if’ you are interested in using it have a look at your local art supply store.

Pictured above are some of the prints we’ve made on to fabric using stamps carved from Ezy-Carve. In the next sessions we will add some hand embroidery to our fabric designs and then sew up our fabric to create a cushion. The images above that aren’t credited were made by me as examples for the women to have a look at. I can’t wait to show you some of the other designs and prints the women created. Stay tuned for that over the next few weeks.

Love and Art




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