Sleepy Koalas

Koala bowl and spoon set

Koala bowl and spoon set

Sleepy Koala Pots

Sleepy Koala pots drying

Sleepy Koala Yellow

Sleepy Koala bowl and spoon in yellow

A real sleepy koala in a tree

A real sleepy koala in a tree

Well hello folks,
I’ve had a bit of a break from my blog…not sure what happened there! It’s not like I’ve got nothing to blog about! I’ve been obsessed with my ceramics lately and am working on a number of different collections of work. One of them is my “Sleepy Koala” pots. I make each one individually by hand and my intention is to plant succulents in some of them. I’ve also made a couple of bowl and spoon sets. I’m hoping this will be an ongoing line of mine. I really like them and each has their own individual personality.

Koalas themselves (the real ones) are pretty sleepy, mostly just eating and sleeping in trees 90% of the time. Too look at, they are pretty cute, but unless they are in a wildlife park they are not necessarily nice to be around. Just letting all you non-Aussie’s in on that fact before you come for your holiday here! They are after all a wild animal.

I was going to make a kind of woodland themed animal pot when started the first one of these but then I thought “Why not do an Australian animal??” The craft world seems to be obsessed with woodland creatures at the moment and I feel like I’m a bit over that! Also, unfortunately some woodland creatures here in Australia are actually pests and kill a lot of the local wildlife (foxes and rabbits in particular) They may be cute in their natural habitat but when you see plagues of them decimating everything in their path, it kind of takes the cuteness factor away!

I’m hoping to sell these on etsy in the future and was just wondering if anyone can tell me of their experiences buying or selling ceramic items this way? I”m a bit worried about the breakage factor.

Love and Art