How to make a funky miniature garden and cure depression

Ilianthe Kalloniatis
My good friend and fellow blogger Ilianthe Kalloniatis


Some ingredients needed for this project

Pot painting in progress

Recipe to Cure depression:

one good friend who is a fellow crafter (see above)
numerous cups of tea
some cute little teracotta pots
some paint and modge podge
bad t.v shows on home improvement
one beautiful long afternoon.


1. Go to your friends house, drink a cup of tea. Do some outdoor gardening in the overgrown front yard, prune some plants, have another cup of tea. Talk lots.
2. Go to a local cafe and have lunch. Talk some more.
3. Drive to the local secret plant pot shop.
4. Interact with the very lazy shop guy who gives you are really good bargain.
5. Go back to your friends place and have another cup of tea.
6. Put on the T.V. to a home decorating show, craft show or gardening show.
7. Break out the modge podge and coat the inside of the pots. You can also use watered down PVA or wood glue. This stops the pot from being so porous and it will hold water better.
8. Mix up some funky colours. Talk some more with your friend.
9. Undercoat in white acrylic or gesso first for brighter colours.
10. Go crazy painting patterns, designs and colours on your pots. Leave to dry.
11. Spray with outdoor varnish.

Voila!! depression overcome and you have some cute pots ready for planting. I’ll post how to plant up the pots in the next post. Thanks to Illy ( to my friend Branwen for the inspiration for the layout for this post)

Love and art


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