Crafty Crochet Goodness



Hello crafters,

I’ve been working on yarn bombing jars and glass objects with you do!! I found these Fowler’s Jars in an Op Shop recently and decided they were a great shape to yarnbomb. Fowler’s jars are the Aussie version of Mason Jars. Traditionally, they are used to preserve fruit. They usually come with a metal lids and spring clasp to hold it on and seal the preserves in. These ones I found didn’t have the clasps and there were only a few lids. Of course, not many people do their own preserves these days so the bits and pieces used for this are getting lost or thrown away.

I decided to buy a few to test out how they would look yarnbombed and I love them. These are size 31 jars and they are quite large. I made these with the intention of selling them at markets. They look great with a candle inside as the light shines through the crochet and make different shadows depending on the stitches used. You could of course just use them to store your stuff in! My dilemma is this: At the last market a woman picked one up and said “what are these?? Just jars covered with crochet??” Well, er, yeah they are if you want to look at them that way. I was wondering if I should actually make soy candles (which I have done before) in the jars so rather than being ‘multi-purpose’ they have one distinct purpose ie: THIS IS A PRETTY CANDLE for those who are lacking crafty imagination like the rest of us?? What do you think?

Love and Art


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