Looking for a day job


Panda drawing in ink


Black bunny drawing in ink by Julian aged 4


Seal drawing by Isabella aged 4


Giraffes by a number of different children


Rabbit family by Tavii aged 4


Otters by Julian

Hiya folks. Here are some works by kindergarten children I have been working with recently. It’s all part of a larger project on “Mapping the City” through Carclew Youth arts here in South Australia.

Artists take the groups of children on walks around the city and take photographs which are then used as the basis for making artwork and a ‘map’ of the city. We got the chance to go the The Adelaide Zoo and draw lots of animals.

The examples above are done in ink on paper, texta and collage. We are working on incorporating some of the works into one large group work 1 metre by 3 metres wide.

Tommmorrow is the last day of the project and I will be getting the children to draw animals on felt so we can make our own “softies” or soft toy sculptures.
Cant wait for that!!
Then I’ll have to get back to looking for a day job to pay the bills.
Love and Art


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