Creating Creativity

Odin in my duckling costume

Hello friends.
This picture above is of my nephew Odin (aged 4). My sister sent me this photo after I parted with a number of costumes from my childhood ballet days. The one he is wearing is a duckling costume my Mum made for me when I was four and I’ve been hanging on to it for years. There are some great black and white photos of me in it that my dad took when he was at art school which I may find as I sift through all the stuff I’ve got whilst moving house…yes I’m still moving house!
I just thought it was wonderful how letting go of things that have been hanging around for ages that hold sentimental attachment can go on and have a new life.
I’d much rather Odin run around the backyard in my costume pretending to be a duckling and using his creativity and imagination than have it hanging around in a cupboard at my place where nobody uses or sees it. It just goes to show you how letting go of objects can inspire creativity. By the way, my sister is a dance artist and my nephew has a whole wardrobe of amazing costumes from my and her ballet school days. If that kid doesn’t end up as an actor, dancer or artist I’ll be very surprised!!.
Love and Art


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