Here’s a lovely photo of me with my cousin’s kids- Jasper (aged 5)and Scarlett (aged 3). I stayed at their house recently and thought whilst watching T.V. I’d do a bit of work on this quilt. I’m making it for my sister who is pregnant with her second child due in February. I was quite unprepared for the excitement it would engender in the kids.

Jasper wanted to sew and Scarlett wanted to cut the thread. Who am I to argue with this sort of enthusiasm? I got Jasper sewing through the edge of the wadding that was sticking out and I would eventually cut off. This only entertained him for a while and then he wanted to do what I was doing!! Kids are so clever and don’t miss a trick. So I thought ‘bugger it’ I’ll let him do a bit of sewing on the actual quilt. My sister will love it because it will have the kids work on it. Of course his stitches were massive but afterwards I incorporated them into a random stitch pattern by adding more of my own.
Scarlett is obsessed with pink and purple and went through my embroidery tin getting all those tones out. A good lesson in colour I thought! She wanted to use the scissors to cut up stuff, so I got her cutting the embroidery thread into lengths for me. There were a few unusable short bits but I trained her up to do the right length and measure one piece the same as the other.
They both want me to make them a quilt now too! So, cute!! And they want to do more sewing. So, next time I go over to their place I might bring some felt and large needles for them to have a go with.
I had heaps of fun. I was feeling a bit down after my return from traveling overseas and the ensuing ‘back to reality’ issues but this really made me happy. It made me remember that family is why you come home and that the smallest things can bring you joy at the most unexpected moments.
Love and Art


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