Chora Dome

Chora Dome

One of the amazing mosaic domes in the Chora Church

Well I’ve been back from Istanbul for a week now and I’m still trying to adjust to life in Australia. It’s cold for starters and I’ve been enjoying warm weather in the European summer. Luckily my partner and I purchased lovely handwoven, organic cotton bathrobes from Jennifer’s Hammam shop (another post in the making just on this shop how it is keeping Turkish handicrafts alive) in Istanbul and had them sent home. They arrived a few days after we did and we have been living in them at all possible moments as they are so warm and delicious.

Art wise I have been trawling through all of my photos of religious artworks, monuments, mosques, amazing mosaics and exhibitions that I saw on my travels and reliving it all. I also purchased a number of books on the following subjects: Islamic art and tiles, Kilims, The New Acropolis Museum, Interiors of Greek houses, Islamic Geometric tile design and Mosaics. Each of these is at least one blog post so I imagine I well be doing blog postings for some time to come from this amazing trip.

For the moment, I have posted this picture of the Chora Church in Istanbul which has some of the most amazing and well kept Byzantine mosaics. Looking at this photo you would think it was a fresco painting, but in actual fact it is all mosaic. Tiny, tiny pieces of tile amassed and applied meticulously to create this fantastic dome at the top of the church. It’s really high up too, so it would have been a massive job. Just phenomenal. I hope you can get your heads around that! I’m still trying to and I saw it in real life. WOW!!
Love and Art


3 thoughts on “Chora Dome

    • Hi Beth, Yes I saw HEAPS of mosaics. I’ve got so many more pictures to post, which I will do over the next few days and months. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking about it and trying to digest it all!

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