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Hi folks,
I’m here in GREECE!! Woo hoo!! I’ve seen so much interesting and amazing stuff to blog about that I have been overwhelmed. It’s hard to pick just one thing to write about. I’ve been drawing in my little notebook and taking lots of photos.
For this post I thought I would show you some of my little sketches from my notebook which cover a number of themes and subjects areas, people, places and things. That way, you get a broad smorgasbord of what I have been doing, seeing and experiencing.

The sketch of the red vase is of a ‘loutrophoros’ which is a ritual object used for bathing prior to getting married. There were lots of these in the New Acropolis Museum. Each one has a story drawn on to the side of it to do with the wedding. Kind of like a comic book format in rows with a series of images. The more beautiful and decorative they were the more wealthy the bride and groom. These were from around about 500 BC!! Wow! Pretty amazing.
The image of a Japanese/American tourist I saw on the boat is of an actual person on the ferry to Santorini. Now I know I’m a tourist too but if there ever was a uniform for the tourist this guy had it all!!
The lady with the leopard print thongs worn with stockings also was pretty interesting!

I have taken to drawing the view from our hotel windows and there is one abovenfrom our Santorini hotel. Santorini is actually a volcanic island and this view is of the volcano centre.
At the time of writing this post I am on the island of Amorgos. There is a sketch from our room window here above too. It is very different to Santorini and a lot less touristy. The view from our window here is of rocky mountains and ancient windmills. We have been noting the daily goings on from our window. The donkey in the paddock below has been providing much amusement through it’s actions and the incredible sound it makes.
Well I think that’s it for the moment.
Love and Art


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