Colour me happy





Hi folks,
I’m counting down the days until my trip to Greece and Turkey. I’m leaving in a couple of days and have found the benefits of colouring mandalas is very relaxing. After some recent deaths in the family things have been quite stressful. So mandala colouring along with the odd glass of Bailey’s Irish cream and counting down til my holiday has kept me going.
I found this book in the thrift shop ages ago for just $5 and it has 286 pages on the history and healing benefits of mandalas from all over the world and most of the pages are pages you can colour or create your own Mandala.
I’ve done numerous exercises with my students on the emotional and healing benefits of colour and I think it applies here. It is a silent, quiet, colour meditation for me which is very relaxing.
Hopefully my next form of relaxation will take place in warm weather next to a beach or pool on a Greek island. I’m taking my sketchbook and of course my camera to share it all with you.
Love and art


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