Unique perspectives from the ground up


Photograph and drawing by Holly aged 4.


Drawing based on another photograph (not shown) by Holly aged 4.


Drawing and photograph by Evie aged 4.


Drawing and photography by Evie aged 4.


Evie hard at work


Hi folks,

I’ve been working on this great project with children at Halifax Street Childrens’ Centre. I’ve been taking 3, 4 and 5 year olds on walks around the city, concentrating a little on works of public art. The children photograph the city and then come back and draw from their own photographs. This is the first stage in a project I’m part of through Carclew Youth Arts. To read about the project and it’s motivations more fully you can check our their website

I’ve really enjoyed working with this age group again after not having done so for some time. The little kids are such a joy and out and about in the city and bring a smile to everyone’s face. They all want to know what we are up to and why we all have cameras. The children are happy to explain. It’s very refreshing after dealing with some major life and death issues of my own recently to come and work with children and be around their fabulous exuberance and perspective on the world.

I’ve nearly finished my part of the project and now they will work with another artist to build on what we have done. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they produce.

Love and Art



One thought on “Unique perspectives from the ground up

  1. A great melange of skills being built here! Children have the freshest perspectives when viewing the world. Sometimes we adults see it too close to appreciate it the way younger eyes do.

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