Drawing from Life


Life drawing of Nadia by Bill


Angelo hard at work on his second drawing


Life painting by Sara


Life drawing by Branwen


My first life drawing of the day


Angelo’s first drawing of the day


My third drawing of the day

Hi folks,

These drawings and painting are from my Active Art Studios Life Drawing day. I have a little art school here in Adelaide and the children’s work I have posted so far has been kids from Term Art Classes I run. This work is from a group of adults that come regularly and draw from the figure.

This was a full day of drawing starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm. Bill and Sara’s works (above) took the whole day to complete. The rest of us did two or three drawings.

It’s really great and really relaxing doing a whole day of drawing. The day goes so fast!!!

Being the teacher or tutor I am usually too busy to actually draw but with this smaller group I managed to knock out three pretty decent drawings so I was quite happy!!

Nadia, our model did a fabulous job of holding the same pose for the whole day (broken up into 20minute blocks  with stretch breaks in between).

We were discussing in the session a TV show that I saw a couple of days ago which was about how to make quick extra cash. The final tip was to be a life drawing model!! Some people think all it takes is to stand their naked. Let me tell you it takes a LOT MORE than that to be a GOOD life model. Have you ever tried to stand completely still in the same position for 20 minutes?? Try it and you will see!

Love and Art



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