Gut wrencher


This work is by Indya aged 11


This work is by Alex aged 10


This work is by Courtney aged 9


This work is by Diana aged 12


This work is by Monet aged 10


This work is by Schyler aged 5. “Calm in Autumn”


This work is by Elizabeth aged 6.” The man in front is calm the people at the back are angry.”

This week I have been getting my children’s classes to make portraits in paper collage based on colour and emotion. We have talked about how colours make you feel. Red (for example) might make you feel angry, stresses or annoyed. It also might make you feel love and passion.

I asked the kids to make a portrait based on an emotion and a related colour. Above are some of the results. The first image by Indya just about makes me want to cry when I look at it. So sad and poignant. I didn’t get a chance to really talk to her about it but I was blown away by the work. Interestingly, not many of the kids did a “happy” face or a “fun” face. Lots of emotion and expression pent up here I think!!

I also love Diana’s work above of the red lady. That was her second work of the class and it looks quite angry to me!!

And finally now, a word on glitter!! Unfortunately, in the bottom of the paper drawer I had left some containers of glitter which the kids found. I have  a love/ hate relationship with glitter, but the kids LOVE IT!! Including the boys! The problem I have is that the kids when they use it put it EVERYWHERE!! I’m not so much worried about the mess but a perfectly good artwork has sometimes been decimated by 2 kg of glitter over most of it. Hopefully here I have managed to contain the glitter frenzy and it has been used sparingly in most cases.

Beware the glitter monster.

Love and Art



One thought on “Gut wrencher

  1. What diversity the students came up with!! I’m impressed with how well they expressed emotion. This is a great lesson you’ve come up with. It’s valuable not only for color recognition and arrangement but also emotional association and helps students to visualize their portraits piece-by-piece. Very nice!

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