Clay work by my students at active art studios. Students are aged 9-13 years and their work ROCKS!!
love and art


5 thoughts on “Clay-tastic

    • Hiya, Thanks for your comments. They actually started with pinch pots for the bases then turned them upside down with damp paper inside for support. Then we carved and textured them to look rocky! Secondly, we added the houses etc on top. I wanted them to get two technical things out of it. One being the necessity for clay to be hollow when fired and also how to join things properly so they don’t come apart in firing. Quite often the kids think they can treat clay like playdough, but it’s not that easy!! I so love what they come up with, it’s really amazing.

      • That’s a very interesting technique! It certainly produced amazing results and now that I’m following, I’m excited to see what other projects you explore with your students! 🙂 I really love the idea of taking a simple base such as the pinch pot and using it as part of a several-step process. It helps children gain appreciation for the individuality of their artwork when they put a little extra effort into it.

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