Little gems






Howdy folks,

Here is some of the lovely things I have been making with resin and found objects!! I love using resin, each time I do I learn something new.

The first two images are of brooches I am working on. With these I cast the base or frame in coloured resin, added found images from my vintage book collection and then finally added clear resin on top. Next I have to add a brooch back and they are ready to go.

They look deceptively simple to make but there is a lot of mucking around with resin, making sure it’s the right temperature, no bubbles are rising and stuck in odd places and making sure it’s all at the right temperature so it sets properly. It’s all part of the fun though!!

The third picture is of some resin magnets I’m making using bottlecaps, found images, resin and magnets. I couldn’t believe how well these sold when I did the first lot!! I was thinking how I went to art school for four years to get an arts degree and learn all these different things and all I needed to do was go into business making magnets and I needn’t have bothered with art school!! Cest la vie.

The last two images are also of resin brooches I made using or upcycling old kids game cards. These cards are about 5 cm square and some had really cute retro images on them. Some of the cards though had really weird and kind of odd images, so with those I painted over them and did my own thing with a combination of paint, text and collage. These are really cute and I love the square format.

The tea pot one I gave to my aunt as a present. The text is what my Nanna used to always say about cups of tea.

Tis a long way between cup and lip!! Meaning I love my tea so much it seems to be a long wait getting it from the cup to my mouth!! Love it!! Nanna was full of wise sayings.

Love and Art



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