More art more mind blowing


Riquel aged 14


Sienna aged 10


Ella aged 10


Ruby aged 10


Kassia aged 10


Tayler aged 10

All paintings were done at Active Art Studios in my kids art class for 9-12 year olds. I love their work and l cant wait to see what they do next in clay!! Wowsers!
Love and art


3 thoughts on “More art more mind blowing

  1. These are fabulous works of art! My 5 year old daughter is very artistic and loves to paint, make recycled art and more. I will show here these tomorrow as I think she will enjoy seeing what other kids are doing. I invite you to check out my blog of kid’s projects etc. if you have the time and interest. Take good care!

    • Hi again Karen, I checked out your blog. I love the drawing your daughter did including the ribs! Pretty good for a 4 year old. I have a Facebook page active art studios which I have put a lot of kids art work on if you want to check out more. ( it also has some of my adult classes work there too) cheers Sarah-Jane

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