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Today I went out and about checking out a few exhibitions. It takes a lot to get me excited these days.  The Helpmann Academy exhibition was good, but not mind blowing, but I had to be reminded that it was a graduate show and the artists are just starting out on their journey.
Secondly, I checked out the Flinders university gallery exhibition just missing a talk by John Neylon the curator. The exhibition was entitled Tough(er) Love-artists from Eyre Peninsula. A mixture of artists and styles made for a broad ranging and diverse show.
Finally, after a quick drink at The Museum cafe served by one of the grumpiest blokes ever, I went to Hill Smith fine art. Art here was by John Waters whose work was a mix of surrealist, still life and architectural. Technically brilliant but somewhat lacking heart. My favourite work was by Jessica Mara not long out of art school and probably still an emerging artist. Her works were interesting, dark, moody and soulful. Nice work Jessica.
Love and art


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