A close knit community warms The Port

PomPom decorating tree in Lipson Street, Port Adelaide

Lipson Street, Port Adelaide

Yarn bombed bench for resting on

Feeling like a little spruce up of the neighbourhood??Why not cover it in yarn, WE DID!! …and we’re doing in again soon so stay tuned. In Port Adelaide Art IS happening..among other things. Don’t know how to knit or crochet??Well just come along to monthly ‘MasterCraft’ sessions at Active Art Studios and we will teach you all the tricks.

This local event started by local businesses has really lifted our winter spirits and brought lots of people to our area.

Keep on yarning!!





Hello world!

Hello folks!!!

I have been blogging for a while on all things art and craft related. I LOVE art and craft and making stuff. It is what makes me happy and fulfilled.  I’ve just moved my blog from ess-jayart.blogspot.com.au to here!! So if you would like to see previous posts by me please check it out!.

I’ve been recently inspired by my friends blog on wordpress all about YARNBOMBING so check that out too!!
In the meantime here’s a recent work of mine for you to get inspired by…


love and art

Crochet Trike